DROP DOWN for ALL CATEGORIES on form [Solved]


As of right now I have a drop down on a form and in the criteria row of the query that the Report is based off of - I have the sytax for what is selected on the FORM FOR  that category in the dropdown box.
I need the option for All or really would like to call it CONSOLIDATED ON THE DROPDOWN -  when i use All - in the combo box - I get 0 records.  How can I use the dropdown box on the form to say CONSOLIDATED -  OR ALL (IF i HAVE TO) and how can it include
All categories for the query that the report is based on.
Gone brain dead??/

Keys to the Problem DROP DOWN for ALL CATEGORIES on form

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It's hard to see the wood for the trees with all the extra parentheses which Access throws in when you build a query in design view.  Try simplifying the WHERE clause to:

WHERE ExpenseCrossTabPlanExpenseAlloc.Mega = [Forms]![FormQueryExpenseDetailALLOCATIONS]![cboMega]

OR ([Forms]![FormQueryExpenseDetailALLOCATIONS]![cboMega] = "Consolidated"
AND [Mega] IN("Small", "Healthcare", "Medium/Large","Federal","K-12","Higher Ed","State & Local"));

However, this may have nothing to do with the error of course.

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